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Sodomite “rights” in “conservative" Idaho

We have not obtained donations sufficient to resume production of On the Contrary, and this blog remains suspended. However, in light of the national contoversy which has erupted here in our home base of Coeur d'Alene Idaho, concerning the struggle for Christian rights under assault from sodomite supremacy and "gay" tyranny, we believe it is our obligation to offer the public a link to a local news report, and a brief statement of our own. The reasonably objective local news report is here.

Sodomite "Rights" in Idaho

In response to queries expressing consternation that "conservative" Coeur d'Alene, Idaho passed homosexual "rights" legislation, we respond as follows:

Like much of the Right wing in America, Coeur d'Alene is "conservative" only in so far as conservatism enhances money-making opportunities. The god of both the Left and the Right in America is Mammon, not Jesus Christ. "Conservative" Idaho permits lenders to charge a 400% rate of interest on loans to the least of Christ's brethren.

The money-loving powers that be, here in the resort city of Coeur d'Alene, have decided that they can attract more tourist shekels if they make our town a "haven of tolerance," according to the degenerate trends now in fashion, viz. special legal privileges for males who engage in sodomy.

The brave Christians who operate the "Hitching Post" wedding chapel in Coeur d'Alene are standing their ground. May God prosper the cause for which they struggle.

Let them know you support their courageous commitment to the Gospel, either by e-mail:

or by postal mail: 524 Government Way, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83814. 

In Christ,
Michael Hoffman
Independent History and Research
Box 849, Coeur d'Alene 83816


Saturday, October 11, 2014

International Monetary Fund and the Making Manifest of What is Hidden

“Drop the zero, seven"

By Michael Hoffman 

On January 15, 2014, Christine Lagarde, the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) gave a speech at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., following the IMF’s annual review of the US economy. (Lagarde has held several ministerial portfolios in France, including Finance, Agriculture, Commerce and Industry. She was also chairman of the international law firm, Baker & McKenzie. Since 2011 she has been managing director of the International Monetary Fund).

Here are her introductory remarks:
"Now, I’m going to test your numerology skills by asking you to think about the magic seven, okay? Most of you will know that seven is quite a number in all sorts of themes, religions. And I’m sure that you can compress numbers as well. So if we think about 2014, all right, I’m just giving you 2014, you drop the zero, 14, two times 7. Okay, that’s just by way of example, and we’re going to carry on. So 2014 will be a milestone and hopefully a magic year in many respects. It will mark the hundredth anniversary of the First World War back in 1914. It will note the 70th anniversary, drop the zero, seven-- of the Breton Woods conference that actually gave birth to the IMF."
In this writer's book Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, the last edition of which was published in April 2001, I do something similar to Lagarde, in that I breakdown the significance of 2001 —  drop the zeros, twenty-one —  of the 21 Gateway of Black Jack.

My analysis would be regarded as that of a "nutjob" by establishment-media lapdogs, but Lagarde's analysis, using methods similar to mine is well-received and respected.

What she is doing in her speech, is making manifest a methodology which by her use of it gives it the stamp of veracity and authentication: There are indeed magic numbers, and there are indeed magic years in which those numbers play a significant part. 2001 was one such year, serving as the 21 Gateway.

The Crypocracy, via one of its most powerful mouthpieces, is telling the peasants, "you can read the universe like Hoffman does, because we do."

Are you listening?

Does this truth put you on the alert, or does it put you deeper into your trance?

What is the magical significance of the code name of Queen Elizabeth I’s Astrologer Royal?

What is the magical significance of the code name of Queen Elizabeth II’s secret agent, licensed to kill?

Drop the zeros, seven.


Thursday, October 09, 2014

The Talmud and the Israeli secret police

For the first time in history, all top Israeli secret police posts (Mossad, Shin Bet etc.) will soon be held by Orthodox followers of the Talmud. 

Forward newspaper reporter J.J. Goldberg explains why Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is packing top intelligence slots with strict followers of the Talmud 

(Michael Hoffman's Afterword follows this excerpt from Mr. Goldberg's report)

A Kippah on the Head of Israel’s Intelligence Chief
One by One, Top Spooks Replaced by Orthodox
By J.J. Goldberg • Forward • October 8, 2014

...After decades of domination by secular centrists, there’s been a dramatic surge of religious nationalist youth — settlers and yeshiva graduates — in crack (Israeli) combat units. A decade ago, secret reports began circulating inside IDF headquarters indicating that with Orthodox youth comprising nearly a third of officers’ training course graduates, religious conservatives would form a plurality of senior field commanders within a decade. This summer they began to make their presence felt.

Exactly what that means isn’t yet clear. The generals praise their fighting spirit. But reports surface of officers and rabbi-chaplains urging the troops to a holy war against the enemies of God.

...Major General Herzl “Hertzi” Halevi... is the first Orthodox Jew to command IDF Military Intelligence. Together with Shin Bet director Yoram Cohen, two of Israel’s three top intelligence services are now commanded by Orthodox Jews.

That will become three out of three in 2016 if Prime Minister Netanyahu remains in office long enough to replace current Mossad director Tamir Pardo, as he’s reportedly planning, with his current national security adviser, Yossi Cohen.

...In the spring of 2010 he asked his Security Cabinet for authorization to attack Iran, but the unanimous opposition of the service chiefs — IDF chief of staff Gabi Ashkenazi, Mossad chief Meir Dagan, Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin and MI chief Amos Yadlin — convinced the cabinet to refuse. Infuriated, Bibi resolved to replace them. During the course of 2011 he ousted Dagan and Diskin. He also pushed for new faces in the IDF, which he doesn’t directly control.

The new crew, however, proved as bad — that is, moderate — as the old. That could explain why one position after another is now being filled by Orthodox Jews, whose views are, if not totally predictable, at least more likely to lean rightward.

The first was Yoram Cohen at Shin Bet. His appointment in 2011 caused a public uproar. The job had been promised to the agency’s No. 2, known as Y. However, Y headed the agency’s Jewish Division, tracking down settler radicals and interdicting so-called price tag attacks, which the State Department calls terrorism. As widely reported at the time, this alienated the settler leadership, which pressed for Cohen instead, and got him. Price tag incidents have since gone up. Arrests declined.

In 2012 Netanyahu tried to name Halevi, then commander of the Galilee Division, as his personal military secretary. Now came a showdown with IDF chief of staff Benny Gantz. It’s his job to offer nominees from which the prime minister chooses. Gantz wanted Halevi in another slot. Netanyahu, it’s said, wanted Halevi because of his background as an Orthodox Jew from a prominent Jerusalem Likud family. He lost.

Almost immediately he began pressing for Halevi to succeed (Major General Aviv) Kochavi at Military Intelligence. By late 2013 he’d won that fight. That summer he picked Yossi Cohen, another Orthodox Jew from an old Likud family, then serving as deputy chief of Mossad, to be his national security adviser, grooming him for Mossad chief.

The trend isn’t limited to the top slots. Israel’s military correspondents from left to right have been falling over each other throughout 2014 reporting on the Orthodox boom in the senior ranks. In January Haaretz’s Amir Oren caused a media furor with a report, titled “Dangerous Shin Bet,” that said three of the agency’s top four officials are Orthodox, including director, deputy director and chief of its Arab-Iran division.

...In February, Yohai Ofer of the right-wing daily Makor Rishon took on the Mossad. It had so many Orthodox senior agents that it hired an in-house rabbi to decide halachic questions like when Sabbath may be violated for an operation. In May, Amir Rappaport of the conservative Maariv published an overview of Orthodox leadership across the services. He said it was arousing a quiet furor within the security establishment. Kochavi’s battle for nuance on Hamas is the tip of an iceberg. In the end, the old guard can complain all they want. When the current process is done, nuanced evaluations of Hamas or Iran will be a thing of the past.  [End quote]

Read more at:

Michael Hoffman's Afterword:

The notion that Israeli "operations" were more “nuanced" prior to the rise of Orthodox Talmudists inside the Israeli security and military establishment is a failed analogy. The Talmud has always driven the ideology of Zionism —  but indirectly —  through the amalgamation of secular Leftist messianism with Talmudic Judaism which was achieved by the man who founded Zionism and who Karl Marx termed "my rabbi” —  the remarkable Moses Hess. (I have a long study of Hess in my book Judaism Discovered).

What was slightly hopeful in the past about Israeli secularists is that they were sometimes capable of producing a real mensch, in the sense of an Israeli leader attempting to free himself from the twin shackles of Talmudism and Holocaustianity; that man was Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who was assassinated by an admitted follower of the Talmud, and on halachic grounds.

With the rise of openly Talmudic Orthodox Judaics in the officer corps and the secret police, Israeli policies toward Palestinians will become progressively more savage. The 2000-odd Palestinians wiped out in the latest massacre-down-the-memory-hole is nothing compared with the bloodbath to come.

Because the Israelis have the unstinting support of the US Congress, the vast majority of the American media and tens of millions of Fundamentalist Protestants and neocon "Catholics," they are proceeding with an escalation of mass murder operations and land theft in defiance of European public opinion.

Palestinian blood will flow and their land will be stolen at higher rates than ever at the hands of the followers of the Babylonian Talmud, for whom all goyim are little more than, in the words of Chabad founder Rabbi Zalman, "supernal garbage."

But who cares? Turn on the glass toilet and watch a rerun of the latest "Holocaust" movie and weep for the victims of the 1940s Nazis. It is always 1940 in America.

Michael Hoffman is the author of The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians, and The Great Holocaust Trial: The Landmark Battle for the Right to Doubt the West's Most Sacred Relic.


Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Legalization of sodomite marriage in Idaho

Against the democratic will of the people of Idaho, sodomite marriage is now legal

Making Law by Judicial Decision is a Rabbinic phenomenon

By Michael Hoffman •
Supreme Court Allows Same-Sex Marriage in Idaho
By Adam Liptak • NY Times • October 10, 2014 • 6:32 PM ET
"In two terse sentences, the court lifted a temporary stay issued two days earlier by Justice Anthony M. Kennedy and denied Idaho officials’ request to block the Ninth Circuit’s decision striking down the ban."
Due to the usurping tyranny of the Federal courts and against the democratic will of the majority of the people of Idaho, sodomites in Idaho will now be allowed to confer on the sex they conduct in the sewer of the human body, the sacred name of marriage.

Two factors in this regard which are almost never reported, not even by "family values Conservatives":

1. In Talmudic Judaism the law is made not by any people’s legislature, but by judicial decision. Judges make the law in Orthodox Judaism and in the United States of America.  Coinicidence? We don't live under Muslim Sharia law (though a huge hysteria was mounted in the "Bible Belt" at the fantastic prospect of the introduction of this law), but our lives under Talmudic law is no figment of the imagination.

2. Responsibility for sex without children (sodomy) falls at least in part upon the shoulders of heterosexual married couples, namely "Christian" couples who, though physically healthy and able to conceive children, use artificial contraception to maintain a childless marriage. Surely this mockery of marriage leads sodomites to think, “If they can call sterility-by-choice ‘marriage,' then we can too."

It is not popular to place part of the blame for the brazen "marriage" of sodomites who should be ashamed rather than boasting of their “rights,” on the shoulders of contracepting "Christian" husbands and wives, but like Jeremiah of old, I do not shrink from indicting “Conservatives" who point a finger at others while absolving themselves of guilt. Artificially sterile "Christian” marriages have undoubtedly been an inspiration to sodomites, who proceed to seek to confer upon their own sterile sexual arrangements, matrimonial honor and respect. Corruptio optimi est pessima ("the abuse of the best things is the worst").

"Christian" couples who conspire to have a childless marriage or a marriage consisting of one or two offspring, are worse than sodomites. In fact they are worse than devils. To paraphrase the Rev. Nicholas Claget in his book, The Abuse of God's Grace: "The devils will confront carnal Christians as follows: You have out-sinned us. We were never guilty of such an affront to the Grace of God and the merits of Christ as you are. The Son of God assumed not our nature, undertook not our redemption, interceded not with his Father for us. He took your nature, died for you. Your abuse of his Grace is superlative guilt, of a deeper dye than our transgression."

Since sodomite marriage has become judically licensed in the United States, we are seeing the next trend —  fashionable approbation for other sins against nature which judges will legislate:  legalizing incest between brothers and sisters, and the decriminalizing of pedophilia. Combined with inhuman sado-masochistic violence embedded in the multi-billion dollar video game industry, and we have the realization of man-into-beast alchemy.

For a further elucidiation of these matters, cf. this writer's 54 minute speech on audio CD, "Sodomite Supremacy in America."To understand the medieval Church's startling (to the modern mind) equation of sodomy and usury, cf. our study on Dante Alighieri and The Inferno," in Revisionist History newsletter No. 67.

Our world is engulfed in a war of ideas, a war between good and evil. On the Day of Judgment, when you are called to give an account of what you did in this war —  how you waged it, and on whose side —  what will you say?

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Michael Hoffman is the author of Judaism's Strange Gods, and Judaism Discovered, and the publisher of Prof. Alexander McCaul’s The Talmud Tested — three powerful, book-length truth weapons which, if widely distributed, would seriously undercut or even overthrow the crypto-rabbis of American Judeo-Churchianity.


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Remembering Edgar Allan Poe on the anniversary of his death

Today is the 165th anniversary of the death of Edgar Allan Poe

"Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.”

Anti-masonic poet of antebellum America. Inventor of the detective and science fiction genres.
Was Poe's death at age 40 due to a blow to the head from an assailant?

 Audio CD
 Michael Hoffman Introduces Poe And Reads From His Works 

Contents: 1. Hoffman's Introduction to the life and work of Edgar Allan Poe. 
2. Hoffman reads "The Cask of Amontillado" and "The Raven" 

CD. 37 minutes. $15 postpaid in the USA. $20 to Canada. $25 Europe and Asia. 

Send US check, or money order in US Funds to 
Independent History and Research, Box 849, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83816 USA

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Was the "Ebola virus" made in a laboratory?


Was the "Ebola virus" made in a Lab?

Opportunistic Infections and Opportunistic Encryption

By Michael Hoffman
Copyright ©2014 •  All Rights Reserved

I have no hard evidence that the deadly Ebola virus was made in a laboratory. As a longtime student of Twilight Language however, I am concerned about two facts: 1. a rather convoluted tale of how the virus was named, and 2. what sub-rosa message (if any) the letters of the  word "Ebola" represent when re-arranged.  

The following is taken from an October 4 (2014) interview with the Flemish virologist Prof. Peter Piot, said to be the "discoverer," in 1976, of the "Ebola" virus. He is currently the director of the London School of Tropical Medicine.

In an interview with England’s Observer newspaper, Piot states that victims of the pathogen were first infected in "Yambuku and the area around it," in what had been the old Belgian Congo. (In 1976 it was called Zaire; today it is again named Congo).

He gives the following account of how the virus was named:

Observer newspaper: You were also the one who gave the virus its name. Why Ebola?

Peter Piot: "On that day our team sat together late into the night – we had also had a couple of drinks – discussing the question. We definitely didn't want to name the new pathogen 'Yambuku virus,' because that would have stigmatized the place forever. There was a map hanging on the wall and our American team leader suggested looking for the nearest river and giving the virus its name. It was the Ebola river. So by around three or four in the morning we had found a name. But the map was small and inexact. We only learned later that the nearest river was actually a different one. But Ebola is a nice name, isn't it?"

Piot and an anonymous "American team leader" supposedly named the virus after "the nearest river," Ebola, which, as it turns out, was not the nearest river. This river-naming explanation is repeated by the Establishment media without question. 

Do you believe Prof. Piot’s account of how the virus was named? While I am not accusing Piot of any wrong-doing, I don't necessarily take his statement at face value. 

In the “Revelation of the Method” era in which we find ourselves, clues to mysteries and even the mysteries themselves are often openly revealed.

"Ebola" is a strong brand name like Exxon and Kodak. Piot's enigmatic statement that "Ebola is a nice name" is bizarre; almost a hint pointing to a clue.

What makes "Ebola" a “nice name” for a killer virus?

Rearranging the letters of the word Ebola I come up with: oe lab (OE Lab).

OE is an abbreviation for different subjects and reference points, one of which is "Opportunistic Encryption (OE)," which "refers to any system that, when connecting to another system, attempts to encrypt the communications channel."

Piot goes on to state that the virus is: "One of the deadliest infectious diseases the world had ever seen...we hardly have any way to combat this virus...And it is clear that the virus is mutating...that really is the apocalyptic scenario." 

In the last few years American popular culture has been infected with "zombie" memes and themes. Some critics of this culture view the behavior of Americans as increasingly corpse-like. In the folklore of voodoo, a zombie is a corpse animated by black magic. One form of this magic involves the invocation of “words of power.” 

If there were someone or something that creates animated corpses (i.e. zombies), one problem for those zombie creators would be the question how to keep them animated. Patently, zombies are only useful if they are walking and otherwise moving their body parts for more than a brief period.

With the preceding in mind, read what Prof. Piot says concerning one possible outcome of an Ebola mutation:

"From the perspective of a virus, it isn't desirable for its host, within which the pathogen hopes to multiply, to die so quickly. It would be much better for the virus to allow us to stay alive longer...a mutation that would allow Ebola patients to live a couple of weeks longer is certainly possible and would be advantageous for the virus...that would allow Ebola patients to infect many, many more people than is currently the case."

I recognize that “Ebola” may indeed be what the media are saying it is: a naturally-occurring disease that came of out of nowhere. Or is it? It may be necessary to decrypt “the communications channel” to discover that it is a form of germ warfare both physical and mental, which lives up to its “apocalyptic” branding.

Michael Hoffman is the author of Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare. His columns are made possible by donations from truth-seekers and the purchase of his books, newsletters and recordings

Friday, October 03, 2014

Follow-up on the Birch Society's smear of Vladimir Putin

The following is an e-mail from an American Catholic layman received in response to yesterday's On the Contrary column:

Dear Michael,
...Yesterday I read Bill Jasper’s attack on Putin and I thought to myself, I wonder what Mr. Jasper thinks of the comparison between politics in this country (Obama and his filthy go-alongs in the ZOG-controlled Congress) and Putin’s politically controlled atmosphere where the Russian legislature (Duma) almost unanimously (one vote a nay) condemned homosexuality and all its degenerate spin-offs in Russia.  Where else in the world do you see anything approaching this sterling moral and politically incorrect stance anywhere today?  And it is led by none other than Vladimir Putin. God knows what is going on the minds of Jasper, John McManus and his “Catholic” wannabes in the head-shop of the John Birch Society.  This is arrant hypocrisy—and treason!


Michael Hoffman replies to Pat:

Dear Pat

In their war on Vladimir Putin, the Birch Society joins the One-World forces of neocon Zionism. Birds of a feather flock together. This observation will not be lost on most of the people the Birchers are attempting to mislead. 

In my lifetime and career as a scholar, I have been invited to appear on exactly two national television programs: Iranian TV and Russia's RT network. In the latter case my appearance was broadcast outside of Russia and around the world. The corrupt pro-Zionist TV networks, such as the BBC in Britain, and FOX, CNN, CBS etc. in the USA, would never dream of having this writer address a national audience. By their fruits ye shall know them.

John Birch Society Chairman John McManus knows the score when it comes to Talmudic and Zionist perfidy, but like tens of thousands of other timid careerists, he refuses to do God's will by speaking forthrightly and exposing these iniquitous ideologies. Instead, he plays dumb. This is one main reason why evil rides so high in our world: men in positions of power and influence will not do their duty.

Fortunately, the John Birch Society is a mere shadow of its former self.  Their new assault on Putin will be seen for what it is -- a Cold War relic of a rigged chess game. Most of us know that President Putin is the bane of sodomite America, as well as Antichrist NATO and the Israeli-Russian oligarchs who are seething at his obstruction of their scheme to buy the media and politics of Mother Russia. Not a week goes by without the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times or FOX News attempting to stir up war-like hostility toward the leader of the Russian people.

Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary are protected from blasphemy in Putin's Russia, even as the Israelis, who enjoy immunity from Birch Society castigation and exposureharbor some of the vilest degraders of Our Lord and His Mother.

Truly we live in a world turned-upside down, a western world fanatically dedicated to placating the idol of Talmudic supremacy, which could be crushed tomorrow if Christian men and women would honor God and do their duty. 

For further research: